Gordon D’Arcy



As well as illustrating his own BOOKS, GORDON D’ARCY has illustrated other publications such as The Book of the Burren (Tir Eolas) , The Book of Aran (Tir Eolas), Birds in Central Ireland, (BirdWatch Ireland) and The Animals of Ireland, MacCoitir (The Collins Press, Ireland).

Eoin the Irish Bald Eagle
By F. John McLaughlin
Eoin the Irish Bald Eagle has many adventures in his quest to trace his Irish heritage.
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Hamish The Haggis
By John McLaughlin

The news is oot! The tale can now be told. The true story of the original 3 legged highland haggis (Genus Cuccihiarae Tripedia). Complete with colorful illustrations by Gordon D'Arcy, Ireland's leading ornithologist. Fleet of foot, the haggis is credited with the introduction of the bagpipe, tartan, and golf to Scotland. A tale of unsporting conduct, greed eviction, deception, Robbie Burns adventure, whisky, sailing ships, rattlesnakes and cowboys. A tale to be enjoyed by young and old. Slainte!
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