The Burren is an amazing area of international significance on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Famous for its diversity – in geology, flowers, archaeology, butterflies, moths, prehistoric sites, ring forts and fairy forts, marine life and fossils

Immerse yourself in this unique area as Gordon D’Arcy, Ireland’s leading Burren expert, brings you to magical places that reveal the area’s magnificence and its extraordinary natural and human heritage.

How do you want to experience the Burren?

  • The tours are flexible in design to meet your interests, author of three books on the Burren, Gordon shapes each tour to meet your interests. 

  • Whether you are an individual or a small group (maximum 20),  you have two hours or two days, you prefer short walks or longer walks, you want an overview of the collective attractions or an in-depth visit to a few examples of its specialties, Gordon will plan your trip in a way that will maximise your experience of the  Burren.

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